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The Haus at Graimbergweg 10 was built by Prof. Endermann
After World War I it was home to the Schmitthelm family
During World War II, the Haus was inhabited by families from nearby Mannheim who were displaced by the war.

After World War II, the Haus became the property of the United States Army. It was used by the CIC (a precursor to the CIA) for interrogations and to monitor Communist party activities.
Heidelberg, Germany was established as the first international "Year-In-Europe" program site at Pepperdine.  Students participating in the first two years of the program lived in hotels and pensions in the Alt Stadt (Old Town) of Heidelberg and attended classes at the Amerika Haus.


Pepperdine purchased a permanent site for the program under the leadership of J.C. Moore Jr.
In the fall the site was named Moore Haus after Mr. Moore, and the program moved into its present day location.
1980The "tower annex" was added to the house, allowing room for 6 additional students
In September Freunde von Heidelberg was establishedFreunde was set up to provide services to alumni and organize reunions in Germany, to provide historic restoration to the Moore Haus, and to support and encourage the current Pepperdine students spending the semesters in Germany.
In May, the 100 Year Anniversary Celebration at Moore Haus took place inviting past residents, faculty and friends back for the festivities

I will now make a confession - most of these photos were shamelessly copied from Steve Rouse's blog, taken when he was the Malibu campus faculty person in Heidelberg.

View From The Street - Many Steps!!

The Gate At The Street
Note all of the buckeyes on the landing!
Ohio-Native Rhonda would love it.

 Climbing The Stairs
And this would be after a long walk up the hill from town!

The Second-Level Landing

Second-Level Lobby
Stairs go up to student quarters and door is to stairway that goes down to first-level offices, kitchen and dining/study/lounge area

Another View Of The Second-Level Lobby
The door on far left leads into the library/computer room; the double doors in the middle lead into the reception room; the door on the right leads to the faculty apartment.

The Reception Room
For studying, piano and guitar playing, and gatherings such as house church.

The Reception Room

The Reception Room

Faculty Apartment
The kitchen is the first room after entering the apartment.  The bathroom is off of the kitchen, to the right of the sink.

Living Room
This is the second room, adjacent to the kitchen.

Living Room

Off of the living room, with windows facing toward the city.


Faculty Apartment Patio

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