The brothers' journey to the land of pastries took longer than expected.

Brett and Mitch grew up in Tennessee, where they became devotees of Gibson's Donuts, a Memphis staple.

Mitch, a self-proclaimed "doughnut connoisseur" and Boulder resident since 1999, said he was sorely disappointed when his new hometown's doughnut options dissolved.

After the closures of shops such as Daylight Donuts, Dunkin' Donuts and Tastefully Toasted, Boulder was absent a retail doughnut business from 2007 to 2012.

"After I was here, I thought, 'I got to start a doughnut shop,'" he said. "But the timing wasn't right."
When the timing became right near the end of 2012, Boulder no longer was doughnut-less.

That year, the locally operated Dizzy's Donuts opened a retail shop at 1606 Conestoga Ave. in east Boulder. Earlier this year, Dunkin' Donuts returned to Boulder and opened a location at 3235 28th St.

"We're not shooting for gourmet," Brett said. "And we absolutely have no interest in trying to compete with Dunkin' (Donuts)."

Eric Guthrie, owner of Dizzy's, said his business is "still rolling along" and also is expanding its wholesale reach.