Sunday, September 30, 2012


It would appear as though Heidelberg Herbst is this city's answer to Munich's Oktoberfest.  While the Munich party goes on for weeks, the Heidelberg event is just one day, with the events outlined here.  [The links are google translations of the German webpages and can be a bit humorous]

The Day Begins With A Big Fleamarket
[appeared to be families as well as vendors]
Den beliebten Flohmarkt finden die Besucher des Heidelberger Herbstes jetzt nahe beim Neckar. (Foto: Rothe)
There Are Several Processions With Costumed Folks
[I happened to see the trumpet and drum corps]
Lots of People, Lots of Food and Lots of Music
24.09.05 12:31:42  Bei wunderbar sonnigem Wetter wurde der Heidelberger Herbst auf dem mittelalterlichen Markt auf dem Uniplatz eröffnet, hier floss das Bier in  Strömen  ©Foto: H. Berg  taken at f 8.5 shutter 1/320 lens 25 AUTO
Großer Andrang beim Heidelberger Herbst 2006 (Foto: Rothe)
After a couple of hours of this, I had to get away and took a long walk on Philosopher's Way to the castle on top of Heilegenberg - Holy Mountain
More on Philosophenweg later.


S3 said...

Do they have Herbst Blue Ribbon?

Dr S said...

If they do, I have not yet found it! However, they may consider all of their autumn beers of blue ribbon quality :-) After a brief exchange with brother-in-law KenBob about beer, I think that I will sometime write about the beer here.