Wednesday, January 10, 2018


A man, two guns, held high by his face.
Some of you may remember this Clint Eastwood movie - unfortunately Josey Wales had far more redeeming characteristics than AG Jeffey Sessions. I have always considered Sessions to be a duplicitous reprobate of the CINO variety, but his recent blinkered actions regarding marijuana prompted this particular rant.  Sessions cherry picks which issues he believes are federal in nature versus which he believes belong in the realm of state's rights.  He simply follows his own personal preferences, even though on the marijuana issue, he is willfully ignoring the preferences of the majority of states, the majority of the electorate and the majority of the science.  Hopefully he will go down in flames during one of the current inquiries into obstruction of justice.  The following posters pretty much sum up the despicable actions of this man:




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Friday, December 22, 2017


After numerous dismal seasons, CU Football had a modestly successful run in the fall of 2016.  The were 10-4 overall, and 8-1 in the weak South Division of the PAC-12.  They got whupped by Washington in the PAC-12 Championship, 41-10.  They were invited to the Alamo Bowl and again got whupped, this time by Oklahoma State 38-8.  The Athletic Department as so head-over-heals with themselves that they put out a self-congratulatory commemorative tome called The Rise.  You too can have a copy for $39.95.

Most of us on the academic side of CU saw The Rise as The Ruse, intended to get the big donors and alumni all fired up to give more money to the Athletic Department.  Some of us [including yours truly] even opined that the 2016 season would be a flash in the pan.  A fellow named Jake Shapiro put it well in this article "Don't Expect the Rise to Continue at CU in 2017".  Well Jake, I and many other doubters were proven correct.  This season's Buffs were pretty much an embarrassment, winning 5 and losing 7, and winning only 2 PAC 12 games.  Needless to say, there was no bowling for this mediocre, at best, team.  Some of us are awaiting the Athletic Department's commemorative book for this year entitled "The Fall".

And now we'll move on the CU Men's Basketball season, which looks to be another over-hyped, underachieving gaggle of Boyle recruits.

Monday, December 04, 2017


I recently watched one of those PBS/Colorado Public TV fundraisers that featured the Carpenters.   It was quite nostalgic, remembering their popular songs, and it also reminded me of how great Karen was.  Richard tends toward self-aggrandizement, and he did make some interesting arrangements, but it was Karen's voice that made them stars.  As the Wiki entry notes:  The Carpenters was an American vocal and instrumental duo of Karen (1950–1983) and Richard Carpenter (b. 1946). They produced a distinct soft musical style, combining Karen's contralto vocals with Richard's arranging and composition skills."  I was particularly struck with their rendition of the Beatles Ticket to Ride.  Turn it up and enjoy!

The version below is better audio quality and has very interesting still photos:

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Posting has a been a bit light lately since I have been Rhonda's personal servant for a few weeks.  Some of you know that she recently received a new right shoulder, and the rehabilitation takes quite a while - e.g. she cannot drive until mid-December, and physical therapy is still limited motion.

So for those of you who might be interested, I found a video of shoulder replacement surgery - and - if you are at all squeamish about blood and gore, I highly recommend that you refrain from viewing!! 😊  It is quite amazing what orthopedic surgeons can accomplish, and that is probably why they are rewarded quite handsomely, eh Cousin Mark??

Saturday, November 04, 2017


If I was a gambling man, I could have made some serious scratch betting on my analysis of the outcome of the World Series.  Some of you may know about the legendary jinx associated with being on the cover of Sports Illustrated - read about it here.  After the Astros won the series, there has been much hullabaloo about how Houston has forever ended the SI Cover Jinx, like here and here.

But these folks are completely missing the mark.  They are basing their claims on this cover from 2014:  

However, this is a faulty analysis.  Yes, the Astros certainly overcame the 2014 Cover Jinx, but there was a much more damning cover for the Dodgers this year - this one:
It seems pretty clear to me that being proclaimed the Best Team Ever is much more of a jinx that simply predicting who might win the World Series [although it was quite prescient].  The two fellows on the cover would probably agree that they under-performed in the Series.