Saturday, November 24, 2007


On a recent grocery shopping trip, I saw a bag of nacho cheese tortilla chips, and being a bit hungry for chips and salsa, I bought some. While snacking on them, I noted the bag was labelled "Made With Organic Yellow Corn" and "Made With No Genetically Engineered Ingredients." Interesting I thought, particularly since we had just talked about GE foods in one of our classes. So munching away, I began reading the back of the Garden of Eatin' brand package, and thought - this sure sounds like some Boulder granola types. "We are mindful of the soil, water, biodiversity and even worker health." I thought, Even? "Grown without potentially harmful synthetic pesticides and herbicides - our oils are different - our water is filtered." Then I saw the parent company of Garden of Eatin' - the Hain Celestial Group, and then it hit me - it is a bunch of Boulder granola types!!! Send your comments to 4600 Sleepytime Drive, Boulder, CO, 80301. :-)