Monday, October 29, 2012


Once upon a time, I heard a nice presentation about how the academic disciplines build upon and are related to one another in a nice circular fashion - something like mathematics - physics - chemistry - biology - psychology - sociology - philosophy - mathematics.  So here are two great cartoons, stolen from Sans Science and xkcd:  [first one disappears on occasion, so go here for Academic Purity]

XKCd purity philosophy social science biology chemistry theoretical physics applied mathematics
Another Version - Obviously Done By A Mathematician

Here is another one from xkcd - tangential but way too true!

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Dr S said...

Sometimes it is hard to differentiate spam from a real comment when 'anonymous' is used. Although this was initially filtered, I will let it through because it seems legit or close enough :-) When I first saw the circle, I too had "never thought of it all that way before."

Bizzy Brain said...

It does make perfect sense! Lol! Am also of the opinion one great thinker should be able to tell another great thinker all he knows in two hours.

Dr S said...

Bizzy - right on. I think it was Einstein who said something like - you truly understand something if you can explain it to your grandmother. I agree on that one too.

Misses Nothing said...

The colorful circle "Obviously Done By A Mathemetician" was also obviously done by someone who can't spell. Note the letter e that follows the n in government.

hoosierdaddy said...

An here I thot they was just writin' anuther language!