Wednesday, October 24, 2012


After partaking of our final breakfast at the Mercure, we all packed up and checked out, leaving our bags at the hotel for the day as we headed out to see more of Vienna.  Our morning was spent was spent touring the Stephansdome, Saint Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna's mother cathedral.  The group gathered for a photo at the Stephansplatz that is adjacent to the church and considered the center of Vienna.

After lunch, the group split in two, with one visiting the Albertina Museum and the other the Dritte Mann Museum.  I headed off solo to visit the Naturhistorisches Museum to assess its relevance to students in the program.  Briefly, it is an impressive facility with most of the typical displays found in museums of natural history, but with an exceptional collection of rocks, minerals and gems, an interesting display of dinosaurs, and a quite fascinating presentation of karst and karst water systems.  If you google karst water and click on images, you will see some amazing subterranean photos.

At the end of the day, we made the return trip to Moore Haus, tired but filled with memories.

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