Saturday, January 21, 2017


Here is a visual of the highest peaks on each of Earth's continents

Here is a graph of the Down Jones Industrial Average for the past year

Here is a graph of the DJIA over the decades - note interesting Y-axis

As the Dow currently hovers close to the 20,000 mark, it struck me that the DJIA is on track to surpass the heights [in feet] of all of the tallest peaks on this planet.  The Dow recently passed Kilimanjaro and is heading toward Aconcagua.  You may venture your guess in the comments section of when it will pass Everest - or crash!!

Friday, January 20, 2017


Much has been said about Trump's hair, but pictures are worth a thousand words!!  Since I am an old corn farmer, I particularly like the first one.  More can be found here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This is the first of the Thompson boys that I learned about - Mychel (bio here).  Obviously, Mychel was a Pepperdine Wave [for you basketball junkies, that is coach Tom Asbury at the head of the bench].  I watched Mychel play many times, and he was almost always the smoothest player on the court.  He could shoot, run and jump, and as the Pepperdine stats show in the bio, he ended up very high in many of the various offensive and defensive categories.  I am a bit surprised that he has not caught on with an NBA team; however, he seems to be doing quite well in the NBA-D league.

It was not until fairly late in his career that I learned that Mychel's dad was Mychal Thompson, an NBA number one draft choice.  It turns out that father Mychal was invited to be the guest commentator for Pepperdine's game versus LMU.  It was dubbed the Mychal-and-Mychel Show, Live from Malibu.

So, Mychal and Mychel make for an interesting father-son due.  But - many of you have likely heard about Klay Thompson, who along with Steph Curry, is one of the famed Splash Brothers of the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.  Brother Klay is the number 2 son.
 Klay Thompson

So, now we have quite the trio of a father and two sons.  But it gets better!  Some of you may know the name Trayce Thompson.  He is yet another son of Mychal and volleyball playing spouse Julie. And Trayce is playing professional baseball with the Los Angeles Dodgers. 
Trayce Thompson 

Talk about good genes!! 

The Thompson Clan