Tuesday, November 06, 2012


As we have come to learn, Pepperdine students are talented in many different areas, and the Heidelberg group is typical.  The faculty apartment is adjacent to the Reception Room [simply a nice gathering room for study, meeting, conversation and music].  One of the young men is a highly accomplished piano player and I always enjoy the music whenever he decides to practice or simply unwind a bit.  One of the tuns he plays is River Flows in You by Yiruma.

After finding the wonderful version above by Yiruma, I found another fascinating version by Lindsey Sterling.

Sterling is rather amazing.  Check out her website as well as her YouTube videos such as Phantom of the Opera and Spontaneous Me, and Skyrim, a one-voice-one-violin piece with Peter Hollens.  Enjoy!


Phil L. said...

64 passed. You can get your case of Cheetos now, Doc.

Dr S said...

Danke Phil!

SH said...

Fantastic rendition and song. Sorry I just got around to it, all these midterms are making me go crazy. Now that you are here for the year, maybe we could do some sort of guitar piano combo to yiruma, just a thought. Goodnight!