Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Not sure where to begin, but the Nuggets are easy targets.  Some of you will remember my rants when the Nuggies fired George Karl, allowed Josh K to run the show, hired a clueless Brian Shaw as the coach, and then fired him, and ended up with a record of 30 and 52.  Let's see now, the last year of coach Karl, they were 57 and 25 and were 38 and 3 at home!!!   Kroenke is still an idiot.  They avoided the cellar in the NBA West because that's where the hapless Timberwolves reside.

Now, I really like the Avs, and I enjoyed watching them throughout their 39-31 season - which I cannot say the same for the Nuggets.  Yes they ended up dead last in their division, but they were in the playoff hunt fairly late into the season.  As opposed to the Nuggets, they actually looked like they knew what they were doing and were working hard to get it done.

One and done - no need to say anything more. 

Not sure where to start here - the Rox are a lot like the Nuggets - you just know that they are not going to be good.  They got off to an unusually good start, winning some games on the road, bull pen pitching well, etc., but anyone with a modicum of sense knew that it would not last.  And it didn't.  They are quickly moving toward the bottom of the NL West, parked at the midway point.  The way that they have been blowing games recently, it won't be long until they are once again cellar dwellers.

Now, should we talk about the losers at CU-Boulder???

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