Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Recently one of my cousins opined that I really wasn't much of a Curmudgeon, so I thought I had better pick it up a few notches.  Recently one of the things I am fond of is taking the Denver Nuggets ownership/"leadership" to task.  As in this guy:

That image in and of itself should tell you something - this 34 year-old guy did not become president of the Nuggets because of his abundant knowledge of and expertise in basketball.  Daddy supposedly made his billions on his own, but it doesn't hurt that mommy is a Walton

You can click on the Nuggets Group Topic on the right hand side of this blog, but I believe that I correctly analyzed the Nuggets season after they played just two game - read it here. 

Kroenke's post-season analysis, as reported in the Denver Post - "Kroenke happy with Nuggets."  I guess when you have boatloads of money, you can still find happiness in abject failure.  A few  comparisons:

                            2012-2013                                                   2013-2014

Record                 57W - 25L                                                  36W - 46L
At Home              38W - 3L  [Best in NBA]                          22W - 19L
Conference          3rd of 15                                                     11th of 15
Playoffs               Yes                                                              No [first time in 10 years]

Kroenke gives the usual platitudes about how great the first year coach and the first year general manager did their jobs, that the team would likely have done much better if it had not been for injuries, and that sometimes you have to take some steps backward to move forward. Well, as I noted, they certainly did take the steps backward, and I can't see that there will be much forward movement for next season.  At least there are a lot of former Nuggets participating in post season play this year - in fact, a team made of former Nuggets coached by Karl would likely have whooped this years Nugatory Nuggets.  Let's hope Josh doesn't dismantle the Avalanche as he did the Nuggets.


Sick Sigma Sez said...

The thought of you not being curmudgeonly enough never occurred to me. But, seeing as how it's out there now, try topping this one: "We live in a country of lies and insanity. Why not elect as President an old lesbian hag who thinks the country sucks?"

Bizzy Brain said...

Owners can be totally disgusting, which would be fine and dandy with me if they ran the team on their own dime, but, typically, they soak the taxpayer for their Taj Mahal stadiums and arenas, then hog every penny they can from the parking, hot dog, and beer money, plus expect subsidies for venue maintenance. The Colts owner never earned a dime in his life and is a drug addict. The taxpayer made him a billionaire and all he cares about is getting high, which puts him in the same class as illiterate, drug addicted teenagers. He currently is "drug busted" and awaiting an outcome on that. Be interesting to see how easy the NFL Commish goes on him.

Bizzy Brain said...

I posted a comment that didn't appear so am posting this as a test to see if it appears. It was halfway tasteful, too, so can't figure it out.

DES said...

Sorry Bizzy - sometimes blogger thinks your are a spammer :-)

hoosierdaddy said...

Bizzy - right on about owners, taxpayers, etc. Disgusting. Religion may be the opiate for many people but sports has to rank right up there as well.

Bizzy Brain said...

Could be the Nuggets owners have adopted the Houston Astros philosophy. They are baseball's worst team, but making the most money of any baseball team in history. That's because they have an exceedingly low payroll, which means they are not competing to win by paying big bucks for quality players, just fielding a mediocre team that leaves millions of those saved payroll dollars unspent in their bank accounts.

DES said...

Bizzy - sadly, I think that the Kroenkes are spending a bundle on a mediocre team and coach.

Bizzy Brain said...

Maybe they've got Jerry Jones syndrome.

DES said...

I think it is contagious among pro team owners.