Thursday, May 29, 2014



Bizzy Brain said...

Am familiar with the first coexist sign. Really love the second one, however, which I've never seen before.

Bizzy Brain said...

Totally, absolutely, inconceivably impossible! Lol!

bes said...

Does the clever use of dingbats really begin to clarify the issue?

Will the ban of Big Gulps really resolve a problem?

Does the mandate of veggies in our children's lunches make them healthier?

Do weapons controls make us treat women more equitably, or for that matter, have more respect for human life?

Do three ounces or less of liquids, solids or gels in our carry-ons make us safer?

Does the sanctity of a phone call with your significant other demand privacy?

Will medical marijuana be anything more than an open invitation to participate?

Can or will all the cultures described in that dingbat diatribe get along?

Ban, legislate, control, prohibit, restrict, outlaw, surveil anything and everything you want to. But until we all - collectively - decide to treat the real problem, we will only be treating symptoms.

Bizzy Brain said...

Bes, I call them Wingdings rather than dingbats. Is fun to go to Word, select Wingdings font, then type the most vile message you can imagine and watch it appear as unintelligible symbols. BTW, have you considered the witness protection program for your opinions? Lol!

DES said...

bes - amen.

Been up in the mountains, unplugged for a few days, but back at it now trying to catch up a bit.

BES said...

here is today's posting on "Peaceful Coexistence"

we have many lizards in the courtyard. earlier, when we kept the windows open for fresh air, one took up residence in our bedroom. he appeared at some inopportune times, scaring her and annoying me. I like the little buggers, because they keep the bugs at bay, so i never want to harm them. but in the chase of trying to relocate him back to the courtyard in the dark, I accidentally stepped on him. he survived, but i’m afraid he lost an eye out of it. it’s remarkable what the loss of an eye does for a lizard. because now i can sneak up on him, undetected, and pick him up. now i’m always finding him in the pool (they float!!) which i think is because he gets sideways and falls in. the coping of the pool makes it hard for him to get out, so i have to watch out for him and rescue him. this is happening daily. i think i’m going to nickname him “Lucky.”

Bizzy Brain said...

So, BES, does your little pal have a name?

Bizzy Brain said...

Guess I should read more carefully before commenting.