Tuesday, May 13, 2014



I will make a small wager that many of you did not know that last Saturday, May 10, was National Train Day.  I admit that I did not know this fact until we were invited to accompany a friend to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden for a combo train viewing/classic car gathering/birthday party!!  It is a very good thing that it was on Saturday, because Sunday's weather 'went south' with a good 8 inches of snow in Boulder!  We rode the steam engine locomotive train for several loops around the museum grounds, and examined locomotive, cars, the roundhouse and turntable, the miniature railroads, and a variety of railroad memorabilia - some of my favorites are shown below.  We enjoyed a nice lunch catered by Dickies BBQ and then toured some train cars that are not generally open.  A hearty thanks to LG for a great day!!




And, my favorite car at the gathering [besides LGs wonderful Ford]?  Hard to say, but I would take one like this if someone is giving it away!!  I might be able to afford the Franklin Mint Model.....


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