Sunday, May 04, 2014


Even though no rational person accepts astrology as having any validity, why is it so fun to read one's horoscope??  So it is with me, so here goes for my annual review of what the year ahead will bring.

Synopsis:  Play to win.  Don't stop short of reaching your goals.  Stand up and be counted.  It's the fight in you that will help you go the distance and prove your abilities.  You don't have to go overboard; you just have to harness what you do best and focus on making the biggest impact in a strategic and pointed manner.  Your numbers are 7, 16, 21, 30, 34, 42.

Lottery, here I come!!  A more detailed 'analysis':

The Sun in harmonious aspect to the Moon in your Solar Return chart is a pleasant aspect, suggesting that your domestic and career needs are not in competition with one another this year. Your inner needs tend to be mirrored by external events, and vice versa. You are likely to be on top of your game this year for the most part, and positive connections with others can be made fairly easily. A comfortable level of personal popularity helps keep conflict to a minimum. With the ability to handle your emotions successfully, there will be less stress on both your mind and body. Your self-confidence and positive attitude will reward you! 

With Pluto continuing its harmonious transit to your Sun this year, you want your objectives to reflect what you're really about, and you are likely to rid yourself of unsatisfying goals at this time in your life. Your ability to concentrate and focus helps you to achieve what you set out to do. A new project or goal begun this year has a good chance of being successful and long-lasting. Your sexual and physical activities tend to be more intense, passionate, and focused. It's an excellent year in which to make a lifestyle change, as your ability to concentrate on what really matters to you is enhanced. Temper and impatience are the things to avoid most - these will surely trip you up.

Your energy levels run high possibly to the point of excess this year, however, and you should watch for hasty or impetuous behavior. Remember that haste makes waste. You could be rather wilful and impassioned, and it would be best to channel excess energy into healthy physical outlets. Others might find you temperamental. If you suffer from frequent headaches, it is likely that you are not dealing with your own anger or desire to take the lead appropriately. You feel a great need for action, but if you don't know where you're headed, you might take the wrong turn. As long as you channel the excess energy constructively, instead of wasting your time arguing or getting yourself into conflicts with others, you can accomplish much. 

With energy channelled positively, you could move mountains when it comes to pushing your projects ahead. If mishandled, however, you could be argumentative, stressed, and hell-bent on having your way! The bottom line is a tendency towards obsessive or compulsive behavior. Avoid taking extreme measures to make things happen your way, and avoid people who might be doing same. Deliberately trying to maneuver things in order to get the upper hand will be a lesson in frustration. 

Some difficulties and delays with communications are possible this year. Your thoughts are quite sober at times, and you should do your best to avoid negative thinking. It's a strong year for recognizing flaws and errors, however. As long as you don't forget the "big picture", you could find you are motivated to channel your mental energy into tasks that require structured and organized thought, tackling projects that you may have found too mundane or downright boring in other years. It's a strong year for polishing your skills and formal learning. 

The year ahead is one of new beginnings and initiatives. Independence and enterprise are highlighted. However, watch for impulsiveness and rash decision making. Impatience can be costly this year. Your desire nature is strong, but can also trip you up if you don't find healthy avenues for channeling excess energy. Cooperation brings the most rewards. New and invigorating opportunities come into your life, and it's a very strong year for making important lifestyle changes.

2014 is a Number Six year for you. Ruled by Venus. This is a year of relative contentment. It is a time when love is the easiest to attract, and partnerships formed under this vibration have a better chance for longevity. You are able to attract others, and material things as well, this year. This is a good year for establishing harmony in the family and in the home. Advice - develop existing relationships, be positive and receptive because these kinds of energies help you to attract what you desire.

2015 will be a Number Seven year for you. Ruled by Neptune. This is a year of preparation, chance, and refinement. It is not a time of dramatic changes. Instead, it's a year when reflection on the past is helpful, and when refinements to your life path should be made. It's a good year to study and analyze. Unexpected twists to your life story and "chance" meetings are probable. Advice - take stock of your life in order to prepare for more exciting years to come, examine the past and plan for the future, get in touch with your deepest needs and uncover your personal power, don't strain yourself or actively try to expand.


Bizzy Brain said...

Any mention of astrology and I can't resist the temptation to mention the observation that Mars is in Uranus.

DES said...

Not surprisingly, you have your head up your a.. BB! :-)

Bizzy Brain said...

Had a hearty LOL on that comment! At one time, when I lived in CA, I really did believe in astrology. It stemmed from Matt Moore (one of your sister's friends) giving me a copy of a book by Max Heindel titled The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception, about Christian mysticism.

hoosierdaddy said...

BB - your comment brought back memories of The Urantia Book - did you ever read that??

Bizzy Brain said...

Never read The Urantia Book, but now that you mention it, I remember Matt Moore's brother, Danny, a Urantia advocate, showing me a copy way back when. Between those two, they seemed to have it covered. Lol!

DES said...

I read part of it a long time ago - fascinating - good science fiction!!