Tuesday, April 08, 2014


No, not the Lovin' Spoonful song that you can find here, but the literal use of the term:

1.  Pleasant thoughts about your life or future that you have while you are awake;
2.  A pleasant visionary, usually wishful creation of the imagination.

And I would add:

3.  Thinking about things, times and places you will likely never attain.  

Or even better, seeing some of the things that you will never attain!!  And so, daydreaming it was this past Saturday as I was able to see some wonderful things that will never be mine, but that I can enjoy vicariously.  Here's some of what I am talking about!

A friend and neighbor graciously invited me to tag along with his car club on a Car-a-van tour to see three private car collections in the Denver area. And we got to travel from place to place in my friend's immaculately restored 1934 Ford.


The first stop on the caravan was the Vehicle Vault.  If you click on the link, you will see that the permanent Vehicle Vault is under construction and will house a car museum as well as being a car condominium where you too can own space to show your cars - "a country club for car lovers", as the developers have stated.  We visited the temporary vault of the developers where their growing collection is housed.  Here are a few of their cars:

The second stop was at the Mathews Collection.  Click on the link for some information and pictures, not only of cars, but motorcycles, signs and other memorabilia.   



The third stop was at Steel Affairs and again, click on the link for more information, and you may even see a "used" car that you would like to buy!  I think that maybe the 1954 Nash Metropolitan is the only car in my league :-)  



This 1957 BMW Isetta is only $49,950

A highlight came after the tour of car collections was over.  The owner of Steel Affairs also owns the iconic "Sleeper" House - the futuristic house that sits high on a ridge on the south side of I-70 near Genessee - and he graciously invited the caravan crowd for a tour of the home.


The place is incredible.  The owners have painstakingly restored and upgraded the place, which they lovingly dubbed "the money pit."  Do a google search on Sleeper House and you will find many amazing pictures, such as these:





So, maybe I will end with another Lovin' Spoonful song, that perhaps will move from daydreaming to a little of bit of magic!

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