Friday, March 09, 2012


Some day, Blogger will make it easier to post audio clips.  I would really like to post some of the songs written and recorded by brother-in-law Ken Willems, aka The Folksingin' Junkie.  He just recorded another CD with all original tunes, and the blues tune lyrics below made me laugh out loud. 

White Trash Blues

This is a great country, and we’re takin’ it back.
Socialists in Washington, got us off track.
In front of my big screen, watchin’ Fox News,
Here in my trailer, with the white trash blues.

There’s a socialist nearby, can’t be no doubt,
But I ain’t workin’, ‘till unemployment runs out.
Can’t even use my food stamps on cigarettes and booze,
Here in my trailer, with the white trash blues.

Got eight kids, only three by my wives.
Soon as one leaves, a new on arrives.
But I believe in God, and family values,
Here in my trailer, with the white trash blues.

Got a reinforced bunker and 36 guns,
Eight cars in the yard, and none of them runs.
Got me a mullet, and a bunch of tattoos,
Here in my trailer, with the white trash blues.

The American Nazis, they ain’t all that bad.
Never did join ‘em, but I kind of wish I had.
This country is run now by socialist blacks and Jews,
And I’m here in my trailer, with the white trash blues.

The Folksingin' Junkie in the Upper Room of his barn.


FSJ said...

Now we'll probably both get shot.

Bizzy Brain said...

That is hilarious! Makes the most sense yet of any lyrics you've posted.

These Are Fun said...

Got me a truck, much power under the hood.
I get a lotta women, none o’ them good.
Got no money in case anyone sues.
Here in my trailer, with the white trash blues.

Kinda Corny said...

My daughters a stripper, swings on a tall pole.
Wants to be an actress and play a big role.
Her GED with all her heart she pursues.
While I sit in my trailer with the white trash blues.

kenbob said...

Why didn't I think of those verses...

Dr S said...

TAF and KC - good one!! And kenbob aka FSJ, you can probably put them into your next version!! Thanks y'all.

J W Riley said...

Grandma got pregnant and is doing mighty fine.
Grandpa goes 'round mutterin', "Hope the kid is mine."
He keeps the still a boilin' and churnin' out the booze.
Thank God for that because I am, a man with white trash blues.

Hugh G. said...

An episode of Hee Haw, I have never missed.
Even missing re-runs leaves me kinda pissed.
Love them Hee Haw babes prancin’ ‘round without no shoes.
Makes me awful horny, takes the edge off white trash blues.

Mike H. said...

“I’ll take Shakespeare for a thousand, Alex,” words you’ll never hear,
Spillin’ from these redneck lips suckin’ on a beer.
“Checkmate” is another word you’ll never hear me use,
While sittin’ in the trailer with the white trash blues.

hoosierdaddy said...

Got my chicken-fried steak at the truck stop diner.
Loaded up with some Camels and a case of Shiner,
and hooked up with the county flooz
to take my mind of of my White Trash Blues.

Poet 'n' Don't Knowit said...

Good one, Hoosier! You got the hang of it!

hoosierdaddy said...

Thanks PDK - the Junkie is going to have to turn this into a Dylan-esque song with 25 verses!

J W Riley said...

Sofa’s on the front porch, fridge is by its side.
Harley’s in the driveway, Lordy what a ride.
Rayleen’s fryin’ baloney, a treat I can’t refuse,
Sittin’ here contendin’ with the white trash blues.

Just So So said...

Was drinkin’ in the pool hall and feelin’ free,
When up comes a biker, twice as big as me.
He ordered me to play him and as we reached for our ques,
The last thing on my mind was the white trash blues.

Dr S said...

Oh my JW, that's a really good one, especially the fryin' baloney!

Anonymous said...

Rayleen? Great name. Almost as good as fried baloney.

hossierdaddy said...

Seems like Rayleen has shown up here before ;-}

J W Riley said...

Dr S, if you like Rayleen, perhaps you would like Rayette. That's the name of the character Karen Black played in the 1970 film Five Easy Pieces starring Jack Nicholson. BTW, did you know you are a blood relative of a blood relative of Ms. Black? Does the President of Goshen College know that he is, too?

Clem the Great said...

Redneck wisdom: "Build a man a fire and you warm him for a day. Set a man on fire and he shall be warm the rest of his life."

Bizzy Brain said...

I rarely eat cured sandwich meat in my dotage, but I DO remember as a kid my mom fixing fried baloney once in awhile. I liked it. There was also a baloney recipe handed down by your grandma, Dr S. It was bulk baloney run through a meat grinder, then mixed with Miracle Whip and some other ingredients like pickle relish, sugar, and maybe chopped celery to make a baloney salad, akin to chicken or tuna salad. Mmmm...

Dr S said...

Gents - I do have a recollection of our relative connection to Karen Black - and still am not impressed! However, Grandma Anna's recipe for baloney salad sandwiches remains one of my favorite uses of baloney, and I love baloney!!

Bizzy Brain said...

Not meant to impress. Just an interesting bit of trivia (to me anyway). Not a pretentious bone in my body (yuk, yuk).

Dr S said...

Bizzy - I just meant that I am more impressed with say, Cousin Mark's work, than that of Black :-)

Bizzy Brain said...

Gotcha, Doc. Thanks for clearing that up. I agree wholeheartedly. Cousin Mark's contribution to society outweighs that of 99.9% of show biz types.

Bizzy Brain said...

Speaking of white trash blues, readers may be interested in this article, Why Democrats Lost the Redneck Vote.