Sunday, March 18, 2012


Despite a forgettable story line, the movie has beautiful cinematography and outstanding music.  I recently caught some of it once again on cable, where it seems to show up regularly.  Here are two clips that are not necessarily the best songs, but to me they demonstrate how a very simple tune with repetitive lyrics can be both pleasing and engaging.  Hope you enjoy!


Bizzy Brain said...

Oscar winner, T Bone Burnett, was the musical director for O Brother and was a bud of Gary Montgomery and your sis.

Dr S said...

Bizzy - at one time at least I was indeed aware of T Bone's involvement with the movie [sound track], but thanks for the reminder. T Bone and Gary + Kay go way back, probably to the mid-60s and the Colours would be my guess. Interesting to note who "made it" among that crowd.

Bizzy Brain said...

BTW, great post! What a pleasure to revisit the film. Thanks!