Monday, March 19, 2012


Even though everybody and their cousin will likely be writing about Peyton Manning's apparent move to Denver, I am putting this up because I know that some of you have definite opinions about all of this - including my Aunt Betty who will probably be one of many who are now Broncos Fans!

My personal opinion is that Denver should keep Tebow, let him learn and develop, and also be ready in case Manning gets injured, which is a considerable possibility.

Comment away!!


Cousin Steve said...

Wasn't there some old song "Please take care of my baby" about a guy who lost his girl and wants her new boyfriend to be good to her? That popped into my head on hearing the news about Peyton going to Denver. I guess Tebow might end up in Jacksonville where he is much loved. Anyway, Denver has thousands more fans now, including me.

Dr S said...

Take Good Care of my Baby. Bobby Vee. Good call primo!

Indy Guy said...

Hey, Denver,

"Take good care of our Peyton,
Please don't ever make him blue.
Just tell him that you love him,
Make sure you're thinkin' of him.."


Phil L. said...

I think that "Take care of my baby" was written by a woman - Carold King to be specific. That would make sense. I couldn't imagine a guy singing that to the guy who ended up with his girl, unless he was a total wuss, which is probably why he lost the girl in the first place.