Sunday, October 17, 2010


Nuestra familia vivió en Nuevo México desde 1974 hasta 1980.  Nuestro segundo hijo y nuestra hija nació en Los Álamos.  Disfrutamos volver al norte de Nuevo México para visitar el campo, los pueblos y nuestros amigos.  Aquí hay algunas fotos de nuestra visita en octubre.

We took the "long way" to Taos.  After a nice breakfast buffet in Castle Rock, we headed south on I-25 to Colorado Springs and then west on US 24 toward Buena Vista.  There was a bridge out near Florissant, and the detour to the south was quite lovely.  After getting back on US 24 west, we soon headed south on US 285 through Poncha Springs, and then south of Villa Grove, we took CO 17 [the Gunbarrel Highway - straight as an arrow] into Alamosa.  There, CO 17 rejoins US 285 and continues south into New Mexico.  At Tres Piedras, US 64 heads east, crosses the Rio Grande Gorge, passes the funky Earthship community, and joins NM 522 south into Taos.  We quickly found the Dream Catcher Bed and Breakfast which is about a 10 minute walk to the plaza, but it is very much a quiet, country-type of place.

Rhonda and Jake

It seems like most everywhere we go, Rhonda finds a canine friend!  Some of you may remember Rhonda and Chueco in Argentina  [see the blog about Estancia Los Patos on September 5, 2006].  Jake is an excellent B&B dog, greeting new guests, hanging out on the patio, hopping onto laps if invited, and appearing to be depressed when folks departed.

Jake the Cavachon - a Bichon/King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

On Sunday evening, we headed to the Adobe Bar - we heard there would be live music, and on arrival, we got quite lucky and found a good table.  We sampled some of the appetizers, and when we asked about the evening's music, our waitress said that it is hard to describe, but that we would enjoy it.  And indeed we did - the group was the Taos Gospel Choir.  This youtube video is not recent, but it gives a taste of the style - lots of swinging a capella, and now and then, a bit of keyboard and electric guitar.  The director/keyboardist is the only professional in the group; everyone else sings for the joy.

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