Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Rankings can be fun, interesting, informative and/or meaningless.  Rankings can be completely objective or subjective, and are often some combination of the two.  When an entity is ranked high, e.g. a university in the US News & World Report of the Best Universities, the rankings "affirm" whereas if the ranking is not so high, the "subjective nature" of the ranking is emphasized.  So, here are some Boulder rankings that you can compare with your town:

Brainiest Cities in America, Number 1, The Daily Beast
Best Places for Startup Companies, Number 1, BusinessWeek
America's Foodiest Towns, Number 1, Bon Appetit
Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, Number 1, USA Today
Top 10 Recreation Cities, Number 1, 
Most Unmarried Cities in Colorado, Number 1, Boulder Daily Camera
Healthiest Towns in US, Number 2, Men's Health
Lowest Body Mass Index, Number 2, Gallup
Best 10K Races in the USA, Bolder Boulder Number 2,
Ten Best Cities for the Next Decade, Number 4, Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Top 10 Earth Friendly Cities, Number 4,
Top 100 Places to Live, Number 9,
Top 25 Destinations in the US, Number 19,
Another interesting tidbit - a Wall Street Journal Blog named Carson City, Nevada, as Boulder's doppelganger.  For the time being, we will stay in Boulder.

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