Sunday, October 03, 2010


A good friend and colleague at Pepperdine, Lee Kats, keeps a list of 'famous' people he has met [not just seen] and at a minimum, exchanged greetings and a few words.  Although Lee has a couple of US Presidents on his list, I took his suggestion to compile my own list.  Even though it is a fairly meaningless exercise, not to mention determining what constitutes 'famous' - here it is, with apologies to those I know who consider themselves famous and are not on the list ;-)

Francois Jacob, Nobel Prize, Physiology and Medicine
James Watson, Nobel Prize, Physiology and Medicine
Tom Cech, Nobel Prize, Chemistry
Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize, Economics
Wallace and Joe Coulter, Coulter Principle; Coulter Electronics
Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize; National Academy of Science
Ed Larson* Pulitzer Prize; Author
Jonathan Weiner, Pulitzer Prize; Author
Peter Arnett, Pulitzer Prize; Journalist; Author
John Kaplan, Pulitzer Prize; Photographer
Amy Goldstein, Pulitzer Prize; Journalist
Mei Fong, Pulitzer Prize; Journalist
Steve Stecklow Pulitzer Prize; Journalist
John Polkinghorne, Templeton Prize; KBE; Author
Christopher Parkening* Grammy; Classical Guitarist
Glen Campbell, Grammy; Musician; Television Host
Flea, Grammy; Bass Player, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Arnold Schwartzenegger, California Governor; Actor
Edward G. Rendell, Pennsylvania Governor
Francis Collins* National Academy of Science; Head, Genome Project/NIH
Roger Beachy* National Academy of Science; Virology
Beatrice Mintz* National Academy of Science; Genetics
Clement Markert* National Academy of Science; Biochemistry
David Talmage * National Academy of Science; Immunology
Harold Agnew, National Academy of Science; Enola Gay Chase Plane
Stephen Gould, National Academy of Science; Author
Hilary Kaprowski, National Academy of Science; Virology
Lee Hood, National Academy of Science; Molecular Biology
Ted Puck, National Academy of Science; Genetics
Gail Martin, National Academy of Science; Developmental Biology
Larry Gold, National Academy of Science; Molecular Biology
Norm Pace, National Academy of Science; Microbiology
Neal Lane* Presidential Science Advisor; Head of NSF
Bill Brinkley* Institute of Medicine; Cell Biology
Ron Sega* Space Shuttle Astronaut
Ken Starr* Judge, Solicitor General, Independent Prosecutor
Doug Kmiec* Reagan and Bush White House; Constitutional Law
Bruce Herschensohn* Nixon White House
Gordon Gee* President, Ohio State, Vanderbilt, Colorado, Brown
Darrel Falk* President, The BioLogos Foundation
Victor Davis Hanson, Author; Syndicated Columnist
Alan Lesher, President, AAAS
Susan Love, Author, Breast Cancer Research Advocate
Chris Matthews, Television Host; Author
Gwen Ifill, Television Host
Bill Ayers, Former Weatherman
Mike Ditka, Pro Football Player; Coach; Commentator
Reggie Miller, Pro Basketball Player; Commentator
Paul Westphal* Pro Basketball Player; Coach
Marv Dunphy* Volleyball Coach; National; Olympic
Robert Turner, Harlem Globe Trotters
Victor Ortiz, Professional Boxer
Jefferson Wagner* Zuma Jay; Marlboro Man; Malibu Mayor
Martin Sheen, Actor
David Duchovny, Actor
Taye Diggs, Actor
Dick Van Dyke, Actor
Gary Busey, Actor; Musician
Gavin McLeod, Actor
Jake Busey, Actor
Jeremy Piven, Actor
Scotty Brown* Million Dollar Listing; Realtor; Musician
Monty Moran* CEO, Chipotle
Michael Hammer, Rich Guy
Steve Hilton, Rich Guy

*Denotes a first-name acquaintance

US Ambassador to Argentina
British Ambassador to Hong Kong
Argentina Ambassador to Hong Kong
Mexican Ambassador to Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Hong Kong
Hungarian Ambassador to Hong Kong

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