Friday, October 01, 2010


I just returned from a trip to Indiana - the fourth Saturday of September is the day for the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale at the Goshen Fairgrounds, and the weekend has become a traditional time for a gathering of the Sam and Anna Plank Aschliman clan, my mother's side of the family.  With eleven children and who-knows how many cousins, grand-children, great-grand-children, in-laws and outlaws, it can be a big crowd.  I believe that this year's head count was 75.  I flew in on Wednesday, and left on Tuesday, and as they say, "I spent a month in Goshen last week."  Ha!  It was actually quite pleasant.

Probably the main event of such visits is eating - had broasted chicken at New Paris; cinnamon rolls, ham salad, fresh tomatoes and sausage at Ed & Mary's; cinnamon roll, pulled pork sandwich, eggs and sausage, and strawberry-rhubarb pie with homemade ice cream at the fairgrounds; Slugger's barbeque chicken, ham, and many, many desserts at the Aschliman gathering; and no doubt gained weight!  This should make you hungry:

Slugger's BBQ Chicken

My parents are 94 and 92 and are doing remarkably well, all things considered - still get around fairly well, drive themselves locally, reasonably sharp, etc.  Here is a picture from their 70th wedding anniversary:

Mary & Ed

On the return trip, I drove a small U-Haul truck with some furniture from Rhonda's late parents, Abe & Ruth Willems.  I did not have my camera to take pictures of interesting signs, so I will just give the context and text:

Large official interstate sign at an exit in the middle of Illinois: ATTRACTIONS [it was blank]

Sign on fence at a desolate-looking farm:  Oil Leases Available - Call 800-Dry-Hole

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