Monday, March 03, 2014


In February of 2013, I wrote a post Born to Run - Caballo Blanco & The Tarahumara. On the Blogspot version of this blog, it is the fourth most visited page, having over 650 page views.  On the WordPress version, it is also among the highest visited pages.  There have been numerous comments, but the most interesting just arrived at WordPress from Tony Gross.  Because Tony gives a unique perspective, his comments are worthy of a separate post here:

I am sure I was the last one to speak to Micah True. We were staying at the Gila Hot Springs bed and breakfast and got to know Micah a bit. He was not quite the mysterious person documented in Born to Run. Seemed like the usual ultra long distance type I had seen during our support of the Leadville 100 at Hope Pass with our llamas. Maybe a bit more knowing and less outwardly hard headed. One word would be peaceful. I did not know of his celebrity status and he did not project as such. The owners of the bed and breakfast were gone to Silver City for a movie and left Micah in charge. He prepared for his evening run by talking to his dog gently asking us to make sure he did not follow. I can not remember the dog’s Spanish name but it was “the crazy one” in English. No routine of stretching and other runner’s antics I had seen before. I asked how far he would run. He said he did not know and it dependent how he felt maybe 8 to 10 miles. The sun was nearing its wonderful afternoon warmth and glow that New Mexico is famous. He began to trot off and I said “Have a good run” and he said “Yeah”. It got dark and we noted his absence. Later we contacted a neighbor and she contacted the B and B owners on cell phone. The next morning the search was on and it was days of following the story until we knew his demise. 

Later I read Born to Run. We thought he was a nice guy. Very within his self.  Peaceful. From my brief 2 days of contact before he left on his last run.

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Tony - thank you so much for your comments - insightful, and very much appreciated. doug