Friday, March 07, 2014


Mierda de perro -  الكلب القرف - merde de chien - 狗屎 - well, you get the idea....  As you might expect, Boulder has an ordinance stipulating that pet 'guardians' should pick up the poo.  Many do, but there is an attendant phenomenon that I simply do not understand, shown below: 

What the .....??  What are these people thinking?  It is a bit better than letting the doo-doo on the trail, but who on earth do they think will come along and pick it up?  Indeed, virtually all of the parks around here have trash receptacles.  Out getting exercise but too lazy to carry a bag to a trash can....sheesh!!!


Bizzy Brain said...

What makes you think it is pet poo? Lol!

DES said...

Bizzy - I looked!! :-)