Should Peyton Retire

Should Peyton Retire?

Should Peyton Retire?

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


This is from the cartoon xkcd - a nerdy and insightful commentary, and I guess that's why I like it!  This is both informative and discomfiting, especially the data regarding Wild Animals.

Land Mammals


Butterfly Catcher said...

Where're the insects? I read where the biomass of ants is, at a minimum, three times that of humans. BTW, bacteria beat them all.

Dr S said...

Yes, but it does say mammals :-) I think if you hover over the human portion, bacteria are indeed mentioned. Good thoughts.

Butterfly Catcher said...

You are right, the topic is limited to mammals, and I did hover, as you suggested, and viewed the note on bacteria. Did not "catch" that earlier as I am a butterfly catcher only.

DES said...

Catchy :-)