Tuesday, March 19, 2013


As an alternative to the ubiquitous NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket, last year we posted the NCAA Academic bracket based upon the graduation rates for athletes at the universities making the tournament.  This year we present a real doozie of an alternative that hopefully will be fun for you all to fill out - after you figure out who all of the 'players' are!

American Jesus Madness 2013 Bracket
Not only is this a great tournament, you can actually vote and affect the outcome at the
I am cheering for my colleague Pete Enns, but he faces the formidable Rachel Held Evans in the second round!


Douglas E said...

The Enns-Evans matchup is ON!

Douglas E said...

Looks like Rachel held on for the win over Pete.

Bizzy Brain said...

I would rate History Channel's The Bible pretty low due to inaccuracies. Samson was not Black, and he was a judge, a learned and wise man with superhuman strength. The History Channel has him roaring around like King Kong.

Douglas E said...

BB - a lot of folks, from biblical scholars to persons in the pews are not very impressed with this production. Recommend Pete Enns' blog [linked on side bar] for a good perspective from a biblical scholar.