Friday, March 29, 2013


Cher's Malibu Mansion
Word has it that Cher has once again put her Malibu house on the market.  You may want to negotiate a bit on the $45,000,000 asking price!!  When we lived on Point Dume, we drove past Cher's place each day.  It sits just off of PCH on a cliff overlooking Malibu Road - it isn't even a beach front property!!!
This is pretty much what you see as you drive east on PCH about a mile west of Pepperdine
An aerial view with PCH on the far side of the house

Aerial view from PCH side

 The pool

A view from poolside
And you could probably negotiate for some of the furnishings, sans Cher

And for those who have forgotten, or never knew, the young Cher


Bizzy Brain said...

You say Cherilyn Sarkisian’s place is up for sale? She’s going to be 67 in a couple of months.

Douglas E said...

Bizzy - to be completely accurate, she legally changed her nam from Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre Bono to simply Cher. I believe that if we are honest, there are a lot of guys our age who wondered what she saw in Sonny since we would obviously have been a much better match for her :-) And yes, Cher will be 67 on May 20, 17 days after yours truly also turns 67. Lots of Cher info at: