Sunday, March 03, 2013


Well it is Sunday and time for a thoughtful, introspective post.  Cannot think of any such thing, so I will give you levity with a message.  Just one word of background - there are over 40,000 different denominations, sects and 'franchises' of Christianity, and I think that Emo Phillips makes a good point. 


Bizzy Brain said...

Very funny!
The church splits and splits and splits into a variety of denominations which grow and grow and grow. Maybe that's one way God uses to expand His church. So if a church splits because half the congregation doesn't like the choir director, maybe that's a good thing.

Douglas E said...

BB- good thought, but I think that most 'splits' give rise to smaller and smaller groups, whereas 'plants' give rise to growth. Example - the Malibu Vineyard split over a pastor-board rukus, and both groups 'died.' Example - for geographical considerations, BethEl Mennonite in Colorado Springs planted in Palmer Lake and both grew.

Anonymous said...

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