Monday, November 12, 2012


While wandering the streets of Lausanne with a colleague and friend, we happened upon a Nespresso shop - you can read all about their brand and concept here and a relevant blog here, but what struck me most was their 'wall of coffee.'  I asked if I could snap a photo, and it was "oh, no, no!"  So here are some photos from the web to give an idea of the place.  They have Nespresso Boutiques around the world, and in the US, you will have to travel to California, Chicago, New York City, Chevy Chase or Miami to find one.  Who would have predicted a super high-end global franchise for coffee and tea?

In Lausanne the wall of coffee was a least 20 feet high




JS said...

And who would have predicted all of the plastic waste associated with invididual coffee servings!!??

Troy said...

I love Nespresso!