Friday, August 31, 2012


Start Date:                  6-July-2012
Penultimate Date:      4-August-2012
End Date:                 21-August-2012

On the sixth of July, sister Kay and her daughter Anna, spouse Rhonda and I started sorting and packing at Ed & Mary's home on Kentfield Way in Goshen.  We knew that it would be a big job - an accumulation of 'stuff' over the course of 73 years of marriage, and Mary is a well-known "keeper."  That's several ticks short of hoarder!!  During the three full days that Rhonda spent at the house, she made it through all of the contents of the sewing room, which ended up filling several large boxes and several smaller ones - material, thread, yarn, and virtually every other sewing supply item that one would need.  And this was literally the tip of the iceberg - Kay and I spent 28 straight days sorting and packing, the results of which are summarized in the Sale Bill here.   I call these days 'the lost month' - every day I got up at six and went to bed at 11, with some diversions for exercise, visiting with mom and dad and relatives, and occasionally going out to eat.  A few things went to the Depot, others to the recycle bins, and some things were saved for friends and relatives [e.g. a birth announcement for cousin Jim Anklam who is approaching 70!] but most everything will be at the sale.  I cordially invite one and all of you to attend on September 19 - it will be most interesting!

The penultimate date is when most things were taken care of and I departed Indiana, driving a 17-foot U-Haul truck loaded with 'merchandise' as the Chupp Auctioneers refer to people's 'stuff' before it is sold!  And the ultimate date is when Kay wrapped up the final details at the house and when the Chupp folks came to load everything up to cart to Shipshewana for the sale.  Here are a few photos:

A Garage Full of Boxes
[and the house was full of furniture]

Ed Surveying The Progress

"The Boss"

Workin' Hard - Almost Done



Anonymous said...

Very good!

Anonymous said...

Cousin Cathy here.....

I just can't believe you got it all done in one month. You all deserve a standing ovation or a medal or something. Can't wait to see all the "merchandise" and all my relatives in just 16 days. I picked up my quilt last Saturday that I will be donating to the Relief Sale. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Dr S said...

Thanks Cathy - A medal would be nice!! I too am looking forward to seeing how Chupps have everything organized for the sale. It will also be very interesing to see what brings what as far as prices - I really cannot venture a guess. Look forward to seeing y'all in a couple of weeks.