Monday, August 06, 2012



Mount Evans boasts the highest paved road in North America.  The road actually goes to 14,130 and the summit is at 14,264.  It now can boast the second highest tornado on record with a touchdown at 11,900 feet, with the highest recorded being above 12,000 feet on Rockwell Pass in Sequoia National Forest. [some great pictures at the link]


Bizzy Brain said...

Wow! A tornado at 11,900 feet. Seems impossible because I never heard of a trailer park in existence at that high an elevation.

hoosierdaddy said...

This photo was actually taken from the front porch of a single-wide in the Mt. Evans "More than one way to get high" trailer park.

Bizzy Brain said...

LOL! Whew! What a relief. Supports my contention that tornadoes are God's answer to trailer parks.