Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Just in case you need some help in planning for the coming year, just google psychic predicitions 2011 and you will find a wealth of information!!  Here are a few of my favorites:


-President Obama will find a way to get the American people on his side and regain the heights of his early approval ratings. This will be short lived though due to the disclosure of a tumultuous affair inside White House doors.

-The economy will rebound, the stock market will rise, and Americans will gain more jobs that were previously outsourced from India as corporations can no longer ignore cries for better customer service.

-Vladimir Putin is the anti-Christ and will destroy much of the west by using Muslims.

-Mabus [who is not the anti-Christ and is either Obama or Mubarak] will die and terrible things will happen.

-If Israel attacks Iran, WWIII will start; if it does not, it will be destroyed.

-Sarah Palin will get divorced.

-Michele Obama will have another baby.


- the end of the Catholic church will come in 2011 or 2012.

-Novemeber 11, or 11-11-11 will see the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11:11 raised from the dead.

Natural Disasters

-The largest earthquake in 100 years will rock the American Northwest.

-The city of Toronto will be overrun by bats

-A hurricane will strike the American East Coast in late August. Large damage, but small death toll.

-There will be a lot of rain this year

-UFO sightings will continue to increase tenfold and world governments will begin to acknowledge the existence of extra-terrestrial life.


-Tom Cruise will win the best actor Oscar.

-Tom Cruise will be caught with another woman and end his marriage to Katie Holmes.

-It will be revealed that Michael Jackson's death was a hoax. The singer will do a comeback tour to pay for the cost of his funeral.

- George Clooney will get married.

- The Playboy mansion will burn down.

It would be great if you would share some of your 2011 predictions in the Comments Section.

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