Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ah, there are reasons they call this place Planet Boulder.  The Daily Camera [linked on the Blog and Website list] ran a story on Medical Intuitives - Where Mind Meets Body.  The subheading is Despite lack of scientific proof, 'medical intuitives' thrive in Boulder County.  And, I do believe that lack of scientific proof is a bit of an understatement.  Here is a portion regarding one of the medical intuitive practitioners: 

Directed by "Divine Source," she worked on James [disfigured legs] every three to four days.  By connecting with God's energy, using a distant healing technique, she says she left her physical body [in California] and entered James's 2-year-old body in Colorado.  There, following God's lead, she says that she shifted his defective gene into a healthy one, and "witnessed" the realignment of his deformed legs.

A pre- and post-realignment genetic analysis would have provided some scientific information.  Read the full story here. 


Steve Heller said...

There is some evidence these kinds of healing miracles do happen, but in this case I believe the source is Satan's energy, not the God of the Bible's.

Dr S said...

Primo - your comment raises an interesting question - how does one decipher if the healing power is of the biblical God or of Satan? Even though the gospels record healings by Jesus and the disciples, the most heralded healers-in-Jesus-name in our lifetimes have been charlatans as far as I can tell - Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts come to mind. Anybody out there that you would accept as a Christian faith healer?

Steve Heller said...

I could not name the name of any one person I would consider a bona fide faith healer. The fervent prayers of your Sunday School class are about as good as anything. We have more than one testimony from people we have prayed for whose cancer disappeared without a trace, for example. This is not automatic or frequent, but it does happen. I would say a good test is who gets the glory? A Benny Hinn or God?

Dr S said...

Esteban - agree with your perspective re 'who gets the glory.' A while back, the LA Times did a story on Benny Hinn, and it seemed pretty clear to me that Benny is in it for Benny!

Steve Heller said...

In respone to your response, I stated that I cannot recommend anyone as a bona fide faith healer and that fervent prayers from one's Sunday School class are about as good as anything. Also, said it is important to note who gets the glory, God or Benny Hinn?

You are quite the prolific writer with all your posting. Good take on Joel Osteen. I used to like to listen to his program when I stumbled onto it, but don't tune in anymore. I can't stomach the likes of Richard and Lindsay Roberts, so Joel Osteen is a shining star compared to them. My favorite radio and TV preaching/teaching comes from John MacArthur. I also like Charles Stanley, but am more interested in the preaching/teaching of his son, Andy Stanley.

I suppose Joel and Richard and Lindsay and Tammy Faye and Robert Schuller, etc., etc. have certain plusses and are harmless to a mature Christian with the gift of discernment, but they mix truth with lies and end up with a counterfeit (Satan's trick) and a gullble person can have his fragile faith derailed. There are people who are going to reject the gospel because Richard Roberts is a crook or Jimmy Swaggart is a whoremonger. My thinking is that maybe those types are just looking for an excuse not to be a Christian.

Then that leads to thoughts about the parable of the sower, that the seed of the gospel is sown, but Satan can jerk the truth of the gospel from the mind (seeds that fall on the path). Then there are thougths that it is the Holy Spirit that draws one into the truth of the gospel, and that leads to thoughts of pre-selection, and what a can of worms that is. My belief is the Holy Spirit draws us and we have a spritual awakening of sorts, and along the way to true belief and salvation, Satan will try to derail us with the likes of Robert Schuller and Charles Taze Russell (the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses), but the Holy Spirit will prevail and we will end up in a good Bible-believing church with a pastor preaching/teaching the truth. After we "arrive" I think it behooves us to aid and assist others in their journey, as if we have reached the summit and lower the rope or helping hand to assist others to the top. You can write books on this and end up in many a theological "discussion."

BTW, if I sincerely believed in a faith healer as opposed to faith healing, I would pay a visit to Rod Parsley.