Tuesday, February 09, 2016


humble pie

noun - a figurative serving of humiliation







Doctor Recommends One Pie Per Day for Cam


hoosierdaddy said...

Just to humor myself, I sometimes listen to Rush when driving around. Usually don't agree with much that he says, but think that he was right on about the Super Bowl - most folks prefer humility over braggadocio and thus were pleased with the Denver win.

Bizzy Brain said...

Cam Newton, eccentric as he is, does have a sense of humor. Regarding showing off, he said, "If you don't want to see me dance, then don't let me score."

Bizzy Brain said...

You don't have to be bashful about Rush, hoosier. I listen to him everyday and agree with everything he says.

DES said...

BB - not sure how you can listen to Rush for 3 hours - seems like he makes a point or two and then spends the rest of the time embellishing and declaring how great he is! :-)

Bizzy Brain said...

I rarely listen for the full three hours. That would wear one out. But one can visit his website and read transcripts of the highlights, or, if one is a Rush subscriber, go back and listen to the whole program or bits and pieces.