Monday, January 04, 2016


There must be some sort of web-crawling-blog-surfing hanky panky going on in Russia - during the past month, there have been 1883 visits to this blog from Russia, while the more legitimate visits from the US have totaled 431.  I seriously doubt that they are keenly interested in [Almost] Older Than Dirt, a post about our late father, Ed Swartzendruber, which had 100 views last month.


Sum Ting Wong said...

Have noticed when I visit certain websites, say, shopping for caps, I begin getting tons of email from cap seller websites. Now if I were visiting Russian bride websites, would imagine I would start getting tons of email from Russia. Not that there's any connection, just thinking out loud. Lol! Don't know if that applies to blogs.

DES said...

Sum Ting - rest assured one bride is enough!!! Also, don't thing the email thing translates to blogs.

DES said...

February 4 - Looks like the Russian invasion has subsided, at least for now!