Sunday, January 03, 2016


I should have published this a few days ago because I believed that this was coming.  As is typical for big Division I schools, the early season basketball schedule is loaded with patsies who are simply happy to get a good payday and perhaps an upset of a supposedly superior team.  The CU men won 11 and lost 2 in the pre-PAC12 Conference play, but the 11 wins were generally versus mediocre teams, while the 2 losses were to decent teams.  So while Coach Boyle's proclaimed the he was 'bullish on the Buffs' going in to Conference play, I would have bet dollars to donuts that the basketball team would follow the inauspicious footsteps of the football team and not be able to win in their Conference opener:

California 79 -  University of Colorado  65. 

The women did not fare any better: 

Washington 76 - Colorado 74.

The men play tonight at Stanford, and if anyone wants to be even up on Colorado, I will take that bet.


DES said...

I hate it when I am wrong, particularly when I was so close to being right!! Just a couple of free throws or a field goal would have pushed Stanford past CU. So, carry on while I go nom some crow.

DES said...

Well, both the men and the women lived up to my expectations in their last outings, with the men snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with about 1 second to go.