Tuesday, May 12, 2015


At our father's memorial service, music was the major component.  As previously noted, Ed's most favorite hymn was Children of the Heavenly Father, and naturally we had the congregation sing that song.  Then mother Mary, sister Kay and I each chose a favorite hymn for the service, and mine was Number 26 in the Hymnal:  A Worship Book, Holy Spirit Come With Power. In the video below, the song does not start for a bit, but the intro is worthwhile - Tim is one of the guitar instructors at the Colorado Roots Music Camp, written about here. 
As I have written before, I am a tune person more that a lyric person, so this is among my favorites for the music more so than the words, but the words follow the video.  Another interesting tidbit about the song it is unusual in that Mennonites generally do not sing about the Holy Spirit. :-)

 Holy Spirit, come with power,
breathe into our aching night.
We expect you this glad hour,
waiting for your strength and light.
We are fearful, we are ailing,
we are weak and selfish too.
Break upon your congregation,
give us vigor, life anew.

Holy Spirit, come with fire,
burn us with your presence new.
Let us as one mighty choir
sing our hymn of praise to you.
Burn away our wasted sadness
and enflame us with your love.
Burst upon your congregation,
give us gladness from above.

Holy Spirit, bring your message,
burn and breathe each word anew
deep into our tired living
till we strive your work to do.
Teach us love and trusting kindness,
lend our hands to those who hurt.
Breathe upon your congregation
and inspire us with your word.

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