Should Peyton Retire

Should Peyton Retire?

Should Peyton Retire?

Friday, August 01, 2014


The Rockies versus the Cubs - a Clash of the (non) Titans in a race for the basement in the National League.  It was a tough series, but the Rockies prevailed and are now firmly ensconced in last place as the worst team in the National League.  And, after tonight's loss against the Tigers, they are pushing to claim the dubious honor as worst team in all of Major League Baseball.

A vital reason for the Rockies slide to the bottom are the Killer Bees, aka The Rockies Horror Pitching Show.  The B's are the Bullpen B's - Belisle, Bettis, Brothers are the principal B's that have a canny knack for giving up leads.  The starting pitchers have been reasonably good, but a typical scenario is a starter hits the 6th inning, leading 4-2.  Belisle comes in and gives up three - now behind 4-5.  Brothers replaces Belisle and gives up back to back home runs.  Rockies lose, 4-7. 

What I cannot fathom is why the management has not sent them packing to the minors - surely there are some very hungry pitchers in AAA, AA and A who could replace the Killer B's - shoot, I think that I could lose games for a whole lot less money!!

The Rockies make Denver a 'balanced ' city for professional sports - the Broncos are among the very best in the NFL; the Avalanche are far above average in the NHL; the Nuggets are far below average in the NBA; and the Rockies are among among the very worst in MLB.  Wonder how the Rapids, Mammoth and Outlaws are doing??


Rufus T Firefly said...

Well said Doug - I see not much changed during my week in the back country - more loses, another new starting pitcher (number 14 I believe) and lots more runs given up by the bullpen.

The MLB Trade Deadline passed while I was off the grid - clearly management feels all will be fine in the long run as the Rockies traded zero players (maybe nobody wants any of the Pet Roxs).

There are several pot retail outlets close to Coors Field, I think maybe Rockies encouraged that. Make a legal purchase after overpaying to park in LoDo - head for the Party Deck and enjoy a minor league team in a major league park - a true Rocky Mountain High?

DES said...

Thanks Rufus. And welcome back to civilization, although you have no doubt noted that the Rockies are at least as bad now as when you headed out to the back country. Maybe Wells Fargo will soon be giving out free tickets as opposed to their current two for one club level tix. And 'special' brownies....

DES said...

As of today, the Rox are on their way to a 99 loss season, so my bet is that they will hit 100 - sad.

Bizzy Brain said...

Hey, why not let the bullpen pitchers pitch the first 3 or four innings, then let the regular starting pitcher in to pitch the next 5 or 6 and finish out the game?

DES said...

Great idea, Bizzy. My plan would actually save the Rockies a lot of money = trade all of the B's for future draft choices; sign me for a few hundred thousand dollars; I can lose games for a whole lot less money!!