Tuesday, January 28, 2014



Xavier Johnson is one of the CU Buffs Men's Basketball players, and you can read his official bio here. There is no doubt that the young man has talent, but as a sophomore, he has still has plenty to learn. And that would include not being so sophomoric.  I was not pleased with some of his taunting earlier in the season, and wrote an email to the coaching staff about it - and of course, got no reply whatsoever.  With the loss to injuries of Spencer Dinwiddie and Tre'Shaun Fletcher, there has not been too much to taunt about.  However, that did not slow down XJ.  After getting thoroughly schooled by Arizona, the number one team in the nation and obviously a much better team than CU, XJ proclaimed "We were playing the Number 1 Team in the nation, but they weren't that good."  And then added "We have better players than they do."  Reminder- -Basketball is a Team Sport!  The final score was 69-57, and it wasn't that close.  XJ and the boys followed up the Arizona loss with a laugh-er at Arizona State, losing 72-51 - fortunately, we did not hear anything from XJ after that one.  Next game - Utah - who played a very strong road game against Arizona.  Hopefully, there will be more play and less talk this Saturday.


hoosierdaddy said...

Well, XJ, since Arizona just crushed you on your home court, I guess it follows if they are "not that good" you all suck pretty bad.

hoosierdaddy said...

Reminder - the "not that good" Arizona team just trounced y'all again, so my advice would be to perhaps keep the mouth shut.