Monday, January 20, 2014


Ah, Planet Boulder comes through again.  This coming Wednesday evening, a local outfit called the Integral Center is hosting The Reverend Michael Dowd, evolutionary theologian.

His talk and outline are as follows:

God 3.0:  An authentic spirituality for our time.

Reality is our God
Evidence is our scripture
Big history is our creation story
Ecology is our theology
Integrity is our spirituality
A healthy future is our mission

I plan on attending - unless there is a charge [cheapskate that I am].  Oh, I might spring for a few bucks.


John Riegsecker said...


Living where I do, I am no stranger to Loony Toons, but the Integral Center may take the cake. If you get over there at 4:30 tomorrow pm, for Breema Bodywork you can:

"Practice Mutual Support and the Art of Being Present," something I'm sure you wished your students had done.

I'm not surprised to see Robert Bly mentioned. Perhaps after you perfect the art of being present, you can all go over and pee on a tree.

Douglas E said...

John - made me chuckle out loud! I am looking forward to visiting the Center tomorrow evening to practice the art of being present. Actually I don't think that I have ever been any where else than where I am :-)

Bizzy Brain said...

Well, Swartzenheimer, you certainly can come up with bizarre stuff. Interesting how those people's minds work. There has to be a word for it in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Just Thinkin' said...

I think his "Conscious Nightlife" series, billed as "frontiers of highly personal & interactive experience" is what you and your buddies do when you get together to play basketball.

Sick Sigma Sez said...

Was looking for a financial angle. The Integral Center charges $85 a month for membership, but it isn't a beg for donations and line your pockets with the money racket like all the save the planet organizations are. The Reverend Dowd is of the UCC denomination, which is an anything goes church. It also was Obama's church in Chicago. So, Dr. S. happy listening! Though I wouldn't pay a plug nickel to listen.

Douglas E said...

First - retrieved this from my spam folder because it made me chuckle - and it demonstrated that my spam filter works!!

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Douglas E said...

Bizzy - you have to remember that this is Boulder and weird stuff comes up most every day. However, the Saturday Religion section has the highest proportion of loony-tunes :-)

Douglas E said...

Triple S - I checked with the Center and tonight's lecture is free, so I will be there :-)

Also, Just Thinkin' - anything that will help my game......