Thursday, November 21, 2013


A fellow was stranded on a remote desert island for several decades. A ship happened to spot him and sent a team to the island for the rescue. Of course the man was overjoyed, and as the rescuers looked around, they noted that the fellow had built three huts.

Noting the huts, one man asked, "What's this hut?"

The fellow responded proudly, "That's my house!"

Another man asked, "What's this second hut?"

The fellow again responded enthusiastically, "That's my church!"

Then they asked, "Well, what is the third hut?"

Not so enthusiastically, the fellow answered, "Well, that's the church I used to go to."

h/t to Lee K. 

Also, a slightly longer version of this story and some commentary can be found here.


Bizzy Brain said...

Good one! Have come across my share of church hoppers in the many years I've been attending. Have also seen some church splits, where factions develop to the point a group will break off and start a new church. That is probably part of the reason we have our thousands of denominations.

hoosierdaddy said...

Like they say Bizzy, get two Christians together and you will have three opinions!

Phil L. said...

His first church was probably a liberal mainline Protestant church, then he became "born again" and joined a Bible preaching teaching church.

hoosierdaddy said...

Phil - I figured it was a Mennonite church and the style of music caused the split :-)

Phil L. said...

Several years ago my church went from a choir and the hymns we grew up with to no choir and a praise band of guitars, drum, and keyboard. That did not set well with the oldsters, some of whom stand out in the lobby and don't come into the sanctuary until the rock 'n' roll part of the service is over with.

Douglas E said...

Phil - BethEl Mennonite in Colorado Springs is one of the few places I know that has successfully melded both types of music into one service. They rightfully decided that a 'traditional' service and a 'contemporary' service would lead to basically two congregations, so they put them together and although it was a stretch for some people of both persuasions, I believe that it continues to work well. Haven't heard of a church split anyways.....