Monday, November 11, 2013


Yeah, I understand that this cartoon can often be beyond edgy, but sometimes cartoonists challenge our beliefs and make us sharpen our thinking about what we consider to be true.  Jesus & Mo is certainly irreverent [I believe that the author is anonymous because the series uses images of Mohammed, a real no-no in the Muslim world].  Jesus and Mo chat about many subjects, but I am fond of their conversations regarding evolution, three of which are shown below.  If you think you can handle more, visit the website.




Nostradumbass said...

I predict that one of these days the idea of one species evolving into another will be as quaint and outmoded as the idea of the sun revolving around a flat earth.

Bizzy Brain said...

Enjoyable and thought provoking cartoons. I visited the website. Thanks!

Douglas E said...

NDA - another classic - LOL!!

And Bizzy - glad you found it thought provoking.