Friday, October 11, 2013


I really enjoy spontaneous, random, anonymous creative projects - for example the cairns that I previously wrote about.  Down the path from our place, next to the teepee where wild things are, someone spent a fair amount of time putting together the beautiful arrangement shown below.  We will probably never learn who did it, but I know that many folks walking, running and biking the trail have enjoyed it very much.  Gracias vecino.


Bizzy Brain said...

There are cairns all over the place on the beaches at Mackinac Island. There is one less after my recent visit. They are not exactly an eyesore, but fun to knock over, like a kid demolishing his tower made of toy blocks. I spied an ideal sitting stone for relaxing and soaking up the beauty of the environment. Unfortunately, someone had built a cairn on top of it, so the cairn had to go. If they have spiritual significance, hopefully I didn't arouse the wrath of the gods.

Douglas E said...

Bizzy - first, I hope that you do not suffer revenge from the cairn gods! Second - cairns are generally of two types - decorative and guideposts. If the cairn you destroyed was a guidepost, shame on you :-) However, it sounds as though it was decorative, so all is well.

Bizzy Brain said...

It was a decorative cairn. Only guideposts I've seen tampered with have been street name signs at intersections that kids turned 90 degrees. Or the 30 mile an hour sign crudely painted to change the 3 into an 8. We thought that stuff was great fun when we were kids.