Sunday, October 27, 2013


The Argyle Sweater

I know we should not make fun of folks who suffer traumatic brain injuries, but IMHO, I think that Gary Busey was pretty whacky even before his motorcycle crash. 


And, if you are not a regular reader of the Argyle Sweater, I recommend it highly :-)


Bizzy Brain said...

I met Gary Busey and his then wife, Judy, my first night in North Hollywood back in 1971 (years before he became a celebrity), at your sister and brother-in-law’s apartment. The connection was through Gary Montgomery, who became acquainted with Gary B. through the music business.

Gary B. had a strong personality, a lot of confidence, and an interesting sense of humor. He had had parts in three B movies at the time, but was by no means making a living from film acting. His take on casting calls? “Do something for the casting director to remember you by, like letting a fart on the way out the door.”

His take on music as opposed to an acting career? “I think I would enjoy being a rock star more than having a successful film career.” Ironically, he sort of fulfilled both dreams by playing a famous rock star in the film classic, The Buddy Holly Story.

Douglas E said...

Bizzy - yes, what I know of Gary comes mainly from family [Kay and Gary] and friends. We did see him a couple of times at the Malibu Vineyard, and when he heard of Gary M's death, he told us a couple of times "Best damn musician I ever met."

Anyone who has not seen The Buddy Holly Story - it's worth a watch.