Saturday, May 25, 2013


I am always fascinated by the trends in names of newborns, and the most recent data are available here.

Rank Male             Female

1 Liam                   Emma

2 Noah                  Sophia

3 Mason                Olivia

4 Ethan                  Isabella

5 Jacob                 Ava

6 Jack                   Mia

7 Jackson             Emily

8 Lucas                Charlotte

9 Aiden                Amelia

10 Logan             Ella

Below are state maps for the girls from 2011 and 2012 - couldn't find the maps for the boys???

popular baby names state by state

A list of trendy names can be found here, and include such winners as Thor, Mingus, Severine, and Phaedra.  And a list of just plain wierd names can be found here - how would you like to grow up being named Excel, Jazzy, Sesame, Yoga, Drifter, Elite, Neon or Vice?  Sheesh....


Bizzy Brain said...

I read an internet article that said Harry and Amelia are the top names in the UK.

Douglas E said...

BB - Harry I understand, but Amelia???

Cara Delany said...

Hi there,
I saw that you had talked about baby naming on your blog and I wanted to reach out with an infographic that features a section on how baby names have changed (or stayed the same) from 1913-2013. I thought it might be an interesting twist for a followup post

The infographic is here:

It would be really great if you could share it on your blog. As a thank you, I can send visitors directly to your post if you would like. (Just send me the post's URL). If you are too busy to blog, a tweet or facebook share would be much appreciated instead.

Cara Delany