Friday, April 19, 2013


No, I really do not think that the NBA Finals will come down to Denver vs New York, but it would be an interesting circumstance - and of course the Nuggets would emerge victorious.  The Nuggets ended the season with 57 wins, and an NBA-best 38-3 at home with a current home winning streak of 23 - makes the home court advantage look pretty good for a couple of rounds. 

Now for some prognostications, including both the Head and the Heart picks:

Milwaukee vs Miami - have to go with Miami for both
Boston vs New York - Heart goes with Boston but Head goes with New York
Atlanta vs Indiana - both for Indiana
Brooklyn vs Chicago - always partial to the Bulls, but would like to see Nets oust the Knicks

Oklahoma City vs Houston - Heart would like to see an upset by Houston, but Head says OKC
San Antonio vs LA Lakers - have a bit of sympathy for the Lakers, but both for San Antonio
LA Clippers vs Memphis - toss up for both - probably go with the Clippers
Denver vs Golden State - naturally my Nuggets for both


hoosierdaddy said...

Yes, Nuggets West vs Nuggets East [aka the Knicks] would be interesting but probably won't happen.

Bizzy Brain said...

Good to see you blogging again! Nuggets had more wins this year without Carmello than the Knicks did with him. Am thinking Miami will take it all, but there is always the Super Bowl.

Douglas E said...

Thanks Bizzy - been a hectic couple of weeks, wrapping things up in Heidelberg, getting settled back in Boulder, etc. So, hopefully there will again be time for some regular posts.

I believe that the first round of games had the home team on top in each matchup - and about 80% of first game winners go on to win the series. And you are right on about the Nuggets and Carmelo - go Boston!!! :-)