Monday, February 18, 2013


I have previously written about best friend and colleague Ron Wisner.  But this post is about the Spirit Award given in Ron's memory by the CU-Colorado Springs community.  The award description and selection criteria are a good reminder of the many things that Ron stood for.
"In memory of Ron Wisner, former UCCS Dean of Students, friend, colleague and outstanding campus leader, we are honored to present the Ron Wisner Human Spirit Award to one outstanding UCCS student leader."
"The Ron Wisner Human Spirit and Leadership Award"
o   consistently sees possibilities and opportunities in a big picture
o   articulates and communicates possibilities and opportunities clearly
o   inspires others to join in supporting the visions
o   consistently identifies solutions to current and future challenges
    • is a model of ethical word and action
    • takes stands against unethical and dysfunctional situations
    • is dependable, reliable, and credible
    • consistently chooses the higher road, the harder right instead of the easier wrong 
 Relationships & Teamwork:
o   brings out strengths and talents of and supports all individual group members
o   inspires others to lift the human spirit and improve the human condition
o   practices “inclusion” of other organizations/department members in planning and implementing activities
o   is a strong proponent of diversity
o   seeks and values feedback from others
    • shows initiative in moving projects and teams forward
    • demonstrates on-going flexibility, creativity, and perseverance
    • makes a highly significant contribution to students, the University and surrounding communities through responsible stewardship


Randy said...

Wonderful tribute and important reminder as to why we're here on this earth. How I miss Ron.

Much thanks.

Rachel Moyer said...

What a nice way to remember him. I live the photo!

Dr S said...

Thanks Randy and Rae. I found the photo online, from a UCCS publication. It's very nice....