Thursday, July 26, 2012

JULY 26, 1916

Ed and His Chair

July 26 was Ed's 96th birthday.  Many of you know that Ed and Mary recently moved into Evergreen, the assisted living residences at Greencroft Goshen.  He always said that the only thing that he would need at Greencroft was his bed and his chair, and that was pretty much how it went!!  He was also hoping that he could donate his exercycle so that he could continue to ride is four miles per day - "To Slugger's and back."  He also purchased a 'scooter' and gets out and about on a regular basis, e.g. over to Goshen College to check on the progress of the construction of the pedestrian underpass at the railroad that bisects the campus. 

Ed and I went to breakfast with his usual gang of cronies, and I gave him a card that I found while packing up their place in preparation for their sale on September 19 at Chupp's Auction in Shipshewana.  It was from Bill and Hillary Clinton, and must have been sent quite a while back on a previous milestone birthday - and naturally Mary had saved it, even though it was from a Democrat!  Needless to say the breakfast crew got some chuckles.  Later in the day we had coffee and rolls at the old place with some family and friends and then Kay and I had dinner with them at Evergreen.

 Also while packing up, I found a page of information about what was going on in 1916:

President - Woodrow Wilson
Vice President - Thomas Marshall
Mary Pickford signs a film contract for $1,040,000
Boston beats Brooklyn in the World Series
The Olympic Games were cancelled due to WWI
Piggly Wiggly opens
Average income - $648


Steve Heller said...

Ed says all he would need is his bed and his chair? Gosh, that's me and I'm only 69. Lol!

Dr S said...

Primo - you and me both!!

Sick Sigma Sez said...

I could not live life without my dog by my side, thus would have to add that to bed and chair. Guess that would disqualify me from assisted living.

Dr S said...

SSS - Evergreen allows pets, so you can move in any time!!!

S3 said...

OMG! You made my day, Doc!

Dr S said...

Three meals a day, snack cart in PM, make your bed, do your laundry, clean and change your sheets, bingo and more - what else could you ask for???!!!

Phil L. said...

"What else could you ask for?" Well, if you are a gerbil, that has it about covered. Lol!

hoosierdaddy said...

Triple S; gerbil; same difference!