Saturday, July 14, 2012


We headed to Evart Michigan on Sunday, July 1, and one of the serendipitous events of that day was noting the billboard advertising half-price Frosties and a Wendy's at the following exit!  Great way to prepare for a race.  We helped with many of the last minute details for the First Annual Evart 5K Walk-Run - stuffing goodie bags, putting up notes along the race course reminding folks to keep their dogs under control, assembling nice sponsor signs, and helping set up the starting line and finishing line tables and with race day registration.

One of the highlights was the annual fireworks show which draws thousands of folks from around central Michigan and the preceding concert by a Beatles tribute band named Shout - billed as the Best Beatles Tribute Band in Michigan, and I will say they are quite good.  They play three extensive sets, generally divied up as Early Beatles, Sgt. Pepper and Abby Road.  The four members produce all of the music [no canned backups] and are very talented singers and musicians, with "George" and "John" moving from guitar to keyboard, even playing both on some tunes.  "Paul" has a great voice and even plays the bass left-handed.  

And as far as the went in relationship to my Setting Goals post, I achieved nearly all of my goals, and even brought home some hardware - a nicely designed silver medal [got beat by an Evart fellow four years my senior!].  Here's a visual of the finish line - and wow, was it hot!!!!  Great event.


Just Wonderin' said...

So was race director, KenBob, correct in his statement that "there will always be a women with a nice a** leading the way!"?

9:54 AM

Dr S said...

JW - thanks for the reminder, and the answer is 'kinda' - there were two candidates, but one was faster than me and the other was slower. So I just tried to keep the 70 year old in view, which I was able to do; but with the heat, there was no way that I was going to try to go any faster!!!!