Monday, October 03, 2011


I have to apologize for teasing some of my relatives for not being able to post a comment to this blog.   Some of us were rather merciless since WE could do it and THEY could not.  Turns out the incompetence is at Blogger.   Since several folks were having the same problem, as did I now and then when I did some testing, I checked out the Discussion section of Blogger and found that many bloggers were having the same problem.  Despite all of the brainpower at Google, they suggested a work-around rather than fixing the problem.  I changed the Comments format, and everything appears to be working at the moment.  [Maybe it's time to migrate to WordPress ;-]

So - if you had tried to comment and your words of wisdome disappeared into the ether, please give it another shot!

Thanks - your Boulder Curmudgeon


Anonymous said...

I believe in both God and science. We are humans and limited by human brain and experiences. I think there is a way for both to be true. Example:
God created Adam. Was he a baby or a full grown man? So if he can created a full grown man can't he create mountians that are millions of years old? Cathy Hollar

Dr S said...

Thanks Cathy - I moved your comment over to the original post.

Bizzy Brain said...

Good one, Cathy. I posed that question one time to the Good Doctor. Words to the effect, "If one hour ago, God created Adam as a 25 year old man, to an inquistive scientist, Adam would be 25 years old, not one hour old."